Under 16s Team Photos

The Under 16s have been entertaining three students from Australia who are on their exchange at Outwood Grange College. Kelvin, Jayce and Trent. Your webmaster caught up with the boys at the Under 16s fixture against Hull Wyke on 11th November before they return to Australia next week.

The exchange between Outwood Grange Technology College pupils and boys from Rockhampton State High School and Mackay State High School is currently taking place. The Australian boys - Trent Heading, Kelvin Nielson and Jayce Sainsbury - have been spending time in Wakefield attending the college and playing rugby both for the school teams and Stanley Rangers. This is the fourth year that this exchange has taken place and the English boys will be due to visit schools in Queensland in June next year. Stanley Rangers Under 16s lads - George Griffin, Jordan Grayston, Adam Milner, Danny Ansell and Ross Padget - are fundraising for the trip.

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Kelvin Nielsen and Jayce Sainsbury
The Under 16s with Kelvin and Jayce
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Trent Heading
Jayce, Neil Fox and Trent
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The Under 16s team 2007-8

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