New position for Stanley stalwart

Under 10s 2006-7
Martin Sowerby (1st left back row) with the Under 10s squad 2006-7

Martin Sowerby, a committed helper of the Under 11s team who is also involved with the Brennan Rooney Fund at the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats has just been appointed the BARLA Under 18s international manager. Here he discusses his reasons for taking the job and what it will involve.

"I was getting a bit down in the dumps of late, mainley due to the health problems I have had over the last few years from a life threatening accident I had in May 2000. I wanted to get more involved in coaching, but due to the problems with my back and pelvis, and the impending operations to remove some pins, plates and screws have curtailed my ambitions to be more involved in the activities of coaching.

I found success with the Brennan Rooney Fund, and found that it is a role I like, and the vacancy of BARLA International under 18's manager became available, and it was something I thought that I could do, and the mobility problems I have would not effect my ability to do the job.

The role itself is simple, its an unpaid, volunteer based role, and will require me to select a coach, assistant coach, assistant manager, Physio, conditioner, and team captain for the BARLA Great Britain under 18's side for the next 3 years.

The manager's role is for me to be responsible for liasing with my counterparts in all the RL playing nations, working with the International board, informing the RL press of selections, appointments, and tour dates. I will have to arrange for fund raising activities, and arrange sponsorship deals for the side prior to going on tour. I will have to build a scouting network for available players, and staff, and look after the wellbeing of all the players whilst they are on tour.

Thats it, that is the role, I am there just to make sure all the people are working together, doing their job, and promoting the image of both BARLA, and Rugby League. I know that the role will at times be demanding, but also rewarding, I also know that at times I will need advice, and guidence, but being at Stanley and having people like Ian and Roy Sampson, John Oldroyd, and Gary Lord as members, there will always be someone with a vast amount of knowledge and experiance who can help me should I need it. " Martin Sowerby BARLA job
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